Saturday, November 30, 2013

Wylam - Heddon-on-the-Wall Circuit

Start at Wylam Train station

Stephenson Cottage
George Stephenson's Birthplace

We here early as daytime is very short at end of November

Golf course

Board says: Passing Place

Closed Old Observatory

On the path of Hadrian wall 


Calendula Officinalis
I will make a shooting cream by using the flower petals

It looks nice weather but just about zero
Melting up on the Sun

While resting my soul leaves the body

Having back-ache

Shooting Sunshine

View to Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead West

Do I look good?

Playing with the shadow 

Frozen hoof-prints

Hadrian Wall under the grass
It is tested by me, You can knock with your shoes
Under the grass you can taping out the size, form of the Wall

Left bump is the Wall

Unfortunately they ran away from me
(they not the only one who do)
so do not have better picks but I just had to take photo
of them as some of the ship has unusual tortie fur

Vindobala - Roman Force

I have taken this shot laying on my back,
tried to iron it

Highland bull

It is all - Black & White

Horsley Wood
Up on the hill we had great views around

View of Wylam Bridge to East

View to West

Old Iron works

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