Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hartside Hill - Ingram - Northumberland National Park

Information Sound-box


River Breamish from Hartside Hill

Our struggle in the bushes just started

Female ring-necked pheasants are flying up from
the bushes while we walk down on the path

Bushes until our neck

Finally a sign

Relief, after walking 1 kms in bushes

We chose to complete our circuit on the river bank
We thought after the bush-walk need some easier path
It was officially signed as an option on our map

One of the cleanest river in Europa - River Breamish

After this point was the realization, the river bank collapsed
or moved some as it does, at halfway we need to
find a different path through the hill

We got the path

Beautiful melted ice made landscape

Back to the starting point, testing the pure water

On the road back we stopped and I jumped out
from the car to take these photos of 2 peacocks

I call them Krsna-Balarama