Saturday, February 14, 2015

Foulridge, Colne, Lancashire

Visited our friend who is also 
a Norwegian Forest Cat breeder. 
First we looked around the wee town's channel.

Then we went to see her at her farm house on the Noyna Hill

I absolutely love her old house


Anandi, the kitten we came for

We also got another kitten, Nandini

Meena, our stud's Mummy

Saryman, our stud Mohan's Daddy with Linda. Just a little to say, 
how these two had red silver white sons?

I was surprised to see Daffy Duck, 
Grandfather of our Queen Krishangi here. 
Our little kitten, Pingala, his Great Granddaughter
so look a like him.

Mika, our stud's Grandfather