Sunday, October 19, 2014

Richmond - Swaledale - North Yorkshire


We had a very windy day with nearly non-stop drizzling and rainbows

Starting point

The Castle from far

Medieval Richmond Bridge

Melting ice made this very deep river bed

Forest part

Unfortunately just the camera was just switching off
when a  young running horse passed by 

This time we remember to bring some apple

Hudswell woods

Ring-necked pheasants are rushing by

Drizzling is getting stronger

River Swale

Whitecliffe Scar

From here we go on the "Coast to Coast" Way 
towards Robin Hood Bay

Even this drizzling weather - Colour, Colour, Colour 

Some has dog, some has pig and some has sheep
on the harness - It is called pet sheep

Reaching back to Richmond, hahahaha ...

"Coast to Coast" sign

Memorial in Friars Garden

Market Place - Richmond

The Castle

Many Place of Public Worship here

The Station Bridge

Growing Stalactite outside on the wall of the hill

The Drummer Boy

That is for dogs to get pass

Easby Abbey