Sunday, November 02, 2014

White Scar Cave and Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

Approaching to the White Scar Cave on the Pennines

We stopped to take photo of the viaduct 
and just 2 enthusiastic, experienced caveman
arrived to check out some of the nearby open caves

Old Viaduct at Stone House

[A]    White Scar Cave

Checking out the gems in the shop

The Cave

We are going to the cave for an 80 minutes long trip

This is where the discoverer of cave entered at the first time


Reaching the deepest point of our trip

Many drip-stones, Salactites

Some standing stones, Salagmites

There is some other path goes deeply in the cave

The face of the Witch

And Her Carrots

Going back towards the entrance of the cave

Whitch's Fingers

The First Waterfall from other side, from the top

The land above the cave, White Scars

Other side there is the Twisleton Scar


[B]1   Start of the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail
River Doe

The Quarry

Crossing the bridge

[B]3  Snow Falls

[B]4   Breezley Falls

[B]5  Up at the Refreshment Center
View to the White Scars

Ingleborough pick reminding us for Kailash

[B]6   The Breezley Ford and Stepping 
stones White Scar Cave entrance is in the background

We had much rain whole night was pouring so the
stepping stones are overflown by River Doe

River Twiss

[B]7  Thornton bridge

[B]8  Thornton Force

[B]9  Pecca Falls

Pecca Bridge

[B]10  Thornton

Arriving to the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail Reception Area
Just in time, before get dark