Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Alwinton - Northumberland National Park


Alwinton of Cheviot Hills lies at the East borders of Northumberland National Park, North East of England. It is surrendered from South by River Coquet and from East by River Alwin.

Nagshead Knowe which is 2 miles South from The Cheviot top. It is about 4 miles North from the spot I have shouted this photo.

The Dodd

River Alwin

So we arrived back to the car park  and hen named Agnes was still there from morning ..... even evening when we left home .... this car park is her SPOT!

We wanted to do another walk West from Alwinton, alongside the River Coquet but unfortunately there should be a crossing on a so called ford which actually not existing ... only the tractor wheel's print shows some activity but river seams the same deep. I the description of the rout it was written, mind your feet get wet if you try to cross after many days rain. So far we didn't have much rain these days but river was so high, not my feet but my half leg until my knees also would be wet. On map it should be the No,2 spot. So we had to turn back.

The Barrows

Barrow Mill

Barrow Mill Holiday Cottages

Looking back to the Barrow Mill and Cottages. River Coquet in the back. The very wide and smoothly flat surrendering area indicates a very large river in the past ...a melted Ice Age glacier.