Thursday, September 12, 2013

Durham Circuit

Our Durham Trip

Start in Durham city centre

Pelaw Wood
We had to go up on the hill to a diverted
path as the river side was damaged. 
So we climbed much!

Try to get back to the official path but now
the police cord is blocking before was the council.
Recently a young man has been murdered here and
the police looking for evidence.
This coast us extra kms to walk

Durham Cathedral

Along the side of River Wear
Grey birdie

Grange Wood

Croxdale Wood and Lakes

Highland bull at Croxdale Bridge

After crossing through Browney Bridge
we reached to a park was built on unused fields.
It wasn't signed on the map so was a big surprise. 

Straw Lady with Chickens

New Friends

At River Wear

Low Burnhall Farmhouse

Plenty fun!

Another New Friend looking down the hill

Secret Cairn at Saltwell Gill

Sorry, forgot to take pics of the rest
would say rather  we climbed the Great High Wood
then reached Durham Uni and River Wear again

Celtic Cemetery