Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Castleton, Derbyshire - Blue John Fluorite -Second day

 Second Day - Visiting 2 Caverns

Towards Treak Cliff Cavern

This little path crossing through the side of the hill between the Blue #John Cavern and Treak Cliff Cavern supposed to be a public footpath. We arrived to Blue John Cavern last night at dusk, as snowy land we could still see and wanted to have a shorter cut on green line than to walk on the car roads. We didn't know at that time what we get into it.The path is around the same wide or a tiny bit wider than an adult hip. I chose to climbed, slide on my bottom just like I did when I used to go hike in caves. I think that was  a safer option than my husband's who crippled along with one hiking stick. The path was absolutely frozen, extremely slippery. It was only 250-300 meters struggle....

This is one of the two cave where found this special "blue john" fluorite. Both cave at Castleton.
Treak Cliff Cavern & Blue John Cavern.

There are waves in the structure of the fluorite with mixed colours

Dog Tooth

The exit of Treak Cliff Cavern

Blue John Cavern 

Sea plants

Sea Sponge print

Stick used in the past, long ago, before the gas lamps, to light up the upper part of the cave for visitors to observe.