Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dunfermline - The ancient capital of Scotts

Dunfermline walks

Home for Good or God?

Saint Margaret's Cave

Further walks in Dunfermline - Saint Francesco

The Abbot House of Dunfermline

The Dunfermline Abbey

The Pittencrieff Park
opposite the Abbey

Accidentally I had some peanuts with me,
so it is show-time, feeding grey squirrels.

Blue tit

The Pittencrieff House Museum

Waterfall on the Tower Burn in the Park

Andrew Carnegie's Birthplace

2 families lived in one double bedroom size room.
One was Andrew Carnegie and his parents. 
This room also was his birthplace.

The loom Andrew Carnedie's Mother used

Andrew Carnegie after the successful business activities,
 steel factory, producing photo cameras.