Sunday, December 20, 2015

Seaton Delaval Hall

Seaton Delaval Hall in Northumberland
is a masterpiece of English Baroque, the finest work
 by Sir John Vanbrugh, completed in 1727

The Stables

Horses named after Greek Gods

In 1822 the Central Hall was damaged in a huge fire

6 daughters of Zeus, representing arts

The Delavals were a notorious Georgian family can be traced back to the XI. century.
They were famous for their love of acting, hosting big parties and playing wild tricks on their unsuspecting guests. Not long after the fire the Delaval family died out and the Ashley family took over the properties. Few years ago National Trust secured the place  and the restoration work is still continuing. The Trust is working on bringing back the Delaval spirit in the Hall.

The South Hall

The stair leading up

View of the Angels from one of the side rooms

Another side room

The doors closed in this unusual 'V' shape


The West Wing where we couldn't go in this time.
Some original furnitures and paintings are there.

300 years old Ash Tree

Summer house

Church of Our Lady - Norman chapel was built by Hubert de Laval
and dedicated in 1102 by /Bishop Flambard of Durham. Now has a Georgian ceiling. 

Private cemetery at the Church

South side