Monday, January 26, 2015

Wild Cattle - Chillingham

The Pennines

Our journey starts from the car park at Cattle Grid

The Cheviot Hills are in the background

We noticed the very rare cattle behind the trees

The Hedgehope and Cheviot Hills

Chillingham's wild cattle

I climbed down there to take some close look at them

All white with black feet, end of tail, 
nose and the inside of the ears

He must be their leader as he was very alert when 
I was stepping on the icy pasturing ground

Climbing back to the footpath

Mind! It is a wild cattle

Robin Hood's Bog

Brown Santa

We are definitely going towards the light!

Chillingham's tiny village

St Peter's Church from XII century

He tried to be cheeky with me but he got it at the end, 
he wanted to take a photo about me 
when I was standing before the bull...

So he got the photo with himself!

One of the entrance to the property of the Castle

The horrific Chillingham Castle

From the XII century

Another entrance to the property

And another one ... plus few more ...

End of trip, we are approaching to our starting point,
The sheeps are enjoying the beautiful sunshine. 
The spring is coming!